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I’m going to tell you about a really
awesome way to get traffic to your website…

…and if you are sick of all the ‘Google
Slaps’ – the way Google can be a big fat jerk
to it’s advertisers you’ll going to love this!

At least when it comes to the normal Adwords
ads they show on there search engine results
Google can be a pain in the butt…

But at the same time there is a really cool
way to use Google -  where you have can place
your ads directly on other peoples websites.

You can do this on Googles ‘Content’ network.

This is good for some good reasons.

1) You won’t have to worry so much about
stuff like quality score, getting keywords
in your ads and Google slaps in general.

2) You can get very cheap clicks as opposed
to advertising on Googles search engine results.

How It Works

You choose the keywords that you want to use
and Google will come up with the sites
it thinks are a good match (also called
contextual advertising).

The trouble is Google hardly ever does a good job of
this and you can find your ad on sites that are
totally unsuitable for your campaign.

But much better than this is that you can
advertise on specific websites that you choose
(as long as they show Google Ads)

The Power Of Placement Ads

I suggest starting a brand new campaign where you
will run only ‘placement’ ads.

This is because you will want to bid differently,
use different ads and track these results
totally seperately.

The power of this is that you can advertise on
targeted websites that already have a good ranking
in the search engines for your keywords.

To do this just type in your keywords into
Google and Yahoo and go through the first
page or two of results for each one.

What you are looking for are sites that are
showing Google ads. Make a note of the
ones that do.

More Tips

1) Target specific web pages or sections
of a website.

Look for individual pages on the site where
you think the visitor will be most qualified.

2) Top Fold Display

Make sure your ads are showing in the
‘top fold’ of the webpage.

This just means that they will be seen without
the visitor having to scroll down.

This is especially true if you are advertising
on a CPM basis (see below).

3) CPM Vs Cost-Per-Click

CPM means ‘Cost Per 1000′

If you choose this option instead of ‘cost-per-click’
then you are charged every thousand times your ad
is shown (which is called an impression).

When done correctly you can get some very cheap
clicks, the name of the game here is to get as
many clicks as possible!

So with this model it is important real people
see your ads – which is why you want to be
sure they are displaying at the top of the
web page.

If it is stuck at the bottom hardly anyone will
click on it and you’ll lose your shirt!

4) Build A List

Understand that the frame of mind
of the traffic is generally not
in the ‘buying’ mood.

This is because you are pulling people
off of other websites it can be unwise
to try and get the traffic to buy something
right away.

Instead I would look to build a list
that you can make multiple sales
with other time!

5) Start Small & Test

No need for me to go on here, track
and test on a small level and see
which sites see you in profit
before ramping up!


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