There is one basic but very COSTLY mistake when it comes to keyword
research online. And as one of my readers I want to make sure you know about this as it is important!

If you’re a more experienced marketer then you probably know about this and it’s a given, but you’d be surprised by the number of people that go about this the wrong way!

This is done with the best free tool I use and recommend which is Google’s
which is found here:

Anyway it’s easy to be ‘fooled’ into thinking a certain keyword gets a lot of searches when it really gets hardly any.


Especially when you start getting backlinks, writing articles, shooting videos
and building new sites…

…all based on trying to rank for a keyword that
gets hardly any traffic!


Well it’s just the way most people use Google’s keyword tool and also how many other marketers have taught how to use it.

It goes like this:

You type in your main keyword phrase and see what comes up. You then look at the number of searches it gives you for your main keyword and other related keywords.

Lets look at the keyword:

xbox for

Here are the Google search results:

xboxfor1 The Big Free Keyword Research Mistake

Wow Millions of searches right?


As this is for the BROAD term.

But change the settings for ‘EXACT MATCH’ and it goes right down!

xboxfor2 The Big Free Keyword Research Mistake

Now the keyword XBOX FOR isn’t something I would go after even if I was in the X Box market. It just serves as a clear example for you :-)

The take away from this is if you want to an accurate idea of how many searches a certain keyword *really* gets then just choose the ‘Exact Match’
option in Google’s keyword tool.


This will be on the right hand side – you should see a drop down menu which will show ‘Broad’ by default.

xboxfor3 The Big Free Keyword Research Mistake

Just click on the arrow and choose ‘Exact’ instead!

Hope this helps.

Speak soon,


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